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Finding A Good Roach Repellerroaches

When it comes to finding the best roach repeller, there are many ways that have been found as being effective. Of course there are chemicals which can be sprayed around your house which will kill the roaches, but these can also be harmful to you, your children and your pets. Since roaches are great carriers of many diseases such as salmonella, respiratory disease and many other ailments the not exactly welcome in most homes.

Roaches multiply quite quickly . . .

Also, given the fact that roaches multiply quite efficiently and are difficult to locate in a home, gives rise to a natural dislike of these small and devious creatures. Roaches like any place it is dark, has a water source, and a source of food. This simply means that your house is a great place for roaches to come and live and raise their families. So is only natural to plan and carry out programs to hasten their demise.

Could coffee be the answer?coffee grinds

Many people swear that using coffee grounds as a deterrent to roaches is the way to go. There is probably no scientific evidence that this is really true, except that many people have tried this report that roaches do not come around the coffee grounds. Consequently coffee grounds could be classified as it a repellent for roaches as they seem not to be interested in coming near.

Could borax be the answer?

One of most common measures used to kill roaches and other crawly insects is borax. Mixed with a little bit of sugar, to attract the insects, has been proven to get the desired results. Just makes three parts of borax to one part sugar and place in areas for the roaches travel, and you are in business. The sugar action as bait and the borax works by dehydrating the exoskeleton of these pests. It only takes a few hours for this remedy to work as you will see dead roaches are scattered all over the place.

Could fabric softner be the answer?fabric softner

Another effective method uses fabric softener mixed with water. Simply make a solution of water and fabric softener, about three parts of fabric softener to two parts of water. The only problem is you have to find the roaches and spray them with your solution from a bottle in order to kill them. It seems that if you just leave the solution on surfaces it tends to dry up and be in effective. This is effective to the point that loses its luster fairly quickly.

Of course there are many brands of roach bait that can be said about the obvious places, such as under sinks, in your closets, as well as in other dark, hidden and out of the way places where roaches like to travel and congregate. These are simple poisons that are attractive to the roaches so that they will eat and share with their friends, eventually helping them into the great roach beyond.

After all is either you or the roaches when it comes right down to it, so you might as well face up to it, use the best roach repeller available and get them before they get you.

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