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Getting The Straight Answer: Do Ultrasonic Pest Repellers WorkPest Repeller

Are cockroaches, ants, other insects, and rodents driving you crazy?

Have you already tried a half a dozen different solutions to solve your problem? When you’re starting to get sick and tired of ineffective pest control methods, you’re more likely to consider unusual alternatives. This widening of your perspective may lead you to consider ultrasonic devices. Before you invest in one, though, you’re likely to ask yourself the critical question: Do ultrasonic pest repellers work?

The Range Of Answers

Answers given to the question “do ultrasonic pest repellers work” range from hearty affirmatives to angry and categorical denials. Most of the positive responses come either from people who sell ultrasonic pest repellers or anonymous users who review them on the Internet, though, so you have to take them with a grain of salt or . . . .

. . .the shortest honest answer would be “you need to test it out.”

There have been a few studies which show that ultrasonic pest controllers may be extremely effective. Many people get results whereas some don’t and that can be down to so many variables, like the shape of the room, age of the building, the environment and even the time of year, people get different results for cockroaches, ants, and spiders, and evidence shows that rats and other rodents are affected and some say they may even become accustomed to ultrasonic sounds over time. Ultrasonic technology is still something that you need to try.

Potential Benefits

Ultrasonic pest repellers are tempting choices for keeping insects and rodents at bay for a number of reasons. Many of them seem to be extremely cheap (priced at £20 or less). They don’t come with the same concerns about toxic ingredients that you have with a lot of pesticides. That makes them especially appealing if you’re worried about the safety of small children or pets in your home.

You may also like the ideal of employing a pest control strategy that relies on deterrence rather than lethal elimination. It would be great to keep vermin and pests out of your hair without sentencing them to death, wouldn’t it?

Potential Drawbacks

Besides the primary problem already described above – the fact that what little research has been done is soundly against the effectiveness of ultrasonic pest repellers – you have several other possible problems to consider before buying one of these gadgets and plugging it in.

Are they risky . . .?

There’s growing evidence that loud high-frequency sounds constitute a health risk. Creating an ultrasound-filled environment can interfere with other devices in your home that rely on high-frequency sound waves, such as burglar alarms, telephones, and hearing aids.

There’s nothing stopping you from spending your money on an ultrasonic pest repeller. It probably won’t do any harm, and it just might have a placebo effect that makes you feel less frustrated about your pest problem. The odds of it actually doing much to keep pests away from your home, though, are frankly slim. If you still feel that electronic pest repellers are worth trying, at least limit your risk by starting out with an inexpensive model.

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