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An Interview with Sadie Nine from BBC Essex About Bybite.

On 19th July 2016 a man by the name of Bob (No relation to Bybite Bob) made a call into BBC Essex as the topic of conversation was bites, gnat bites, mosquito bites any kind of bites that cause discomfort or irrtiation and ways to avoid them.

To our surprise at Linked Supply he said that he had purchased a Bybite Twin pack a he had enormous success with it. His wife was always being bitten and when she was out in the garden it was a nightmare for her.

“She Clipped on Her Bybite”

She clipped on a Bybite and she has not been been bitten since, in fact when she went outsside there were gnats everywhere and when she went near any of them they just moved away.

We know Bybite works thats why we are passionate about it.

Click  the play button or on this image to listen to the full interview.

BBC Essex Bybite Interview

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