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Fly Repellent Candles Are One Way To Keep Those Insects AwayCandles

Flies can be so annoying, and the problems go beyond that.

Have you ever heard that every time a fly lands, it poops?

Whether or not that’s true, flies are problematic for sure. Have you ever been eating inside a restaurant that had a fly problem? Maybe you’ve had one in your home. I’ll never forget when I was a kid my parents have fly swatters and using them regularly. Have you heard of fly repellent candles?

Just the other day, a large fly was inside my home barely able to fly anymore, only moving around low to the ground. It was if it was jumping around, and well, it’s presence was known. My dog was chasing it all over the place, and honestly, I was too lazy to get up and do anything because I was sitting there working. Flies inside any place makes things look tacky, and they are definitely attracted to people and food it seems. Fly repellent candles can help keep those pesky insects away.

Are you thinking about Citronella candles?

Some of these types of candles are good for multiple insects of course. Like the Citronella candles are able to help keep mosquitoes away. Did you know that you can also make your own insect repellent candles? To go about doing that, you use essential oils of different kinds that are known for keeping those flies and other insects away.

Some of the candles are quite large and last a longer time.

Others are sold in packs, like tea light candles. Do you need several of them, and where do you plan on putting them? There are also other types of products that you can buy along with the candles, such as incense sticks. Have you ever used those before?

One of the candles I saw for sale was a citronella and peppermint mix. While flies are the focus of this article, think about the other insect that was mentioned and how much you’ve seen them talked about in the news lately. Mosquitoes are carrying the Zika virus, and that is causing many people to realize that the problem could get worse.

When you think of flies, you probably also just think of common house flies. Having lived in rural areas, I’ve seen some pretty large flies. As a matter of fact, I’ve seen some big ones over here on the beach as well. There are horse flies,

citronella candle

which are quite huge. One of the most annoying things when it comes to flies is when they land on you, you swat, and they just continuously fly around and land back on you one again.

Flies are annoying as mentioned, and these repellent candles can help keep them away. Imagine you’re having a picnic outside, and the flies just start swarming in and trying to take over. With the repellent candles, you wouldn’t have to deal with them. If you want to keep the flies away, this is how you get the job done, unless you’re attached to your fly swatter.

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