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It’s all about products as solutions… 


If you are looking for products of quality and usefulness then Linked Supply is your solution.

We have extensive experience and knowledge in sourcing and implementing quality products to businesses and the public. Our ever growing range will be showcased to excite customers and buyers alike. We will supply what is demanded and solve your customer’s, your businesses and more importantly your problem using our products.


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shooaway twin pack


What We Specialise in?


We currently specialise in pest control and our range is expanding. Electronic pest control is expanding at an alarming rate as a solution, just think about it, there are many unwanted pests in our homes and if you had a simple solution for that it would make your life easier. We like to put remedies in front of people. We pride our selves in our great customer service so whether you want to buy 1 or 1000 or even tens of thousands we can accommodate.


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