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Mosquito Diseases You Need To Know About And How To Combat Them

With global warming causing temperatures to rise worldwide, there are now more areas than ever that are tuning into prime mosquito habitat. Along with more mosquitoes also comes more of the illnesses they carry. Now, more than ever, it’s important to protect yourself and your family from being bitten at home and while on vacation.mosquito bite

Luckily only the female bites, and she makes the buzzing noise that we are all too familiar with. That buzzing noise is so she can attract the male mosquitoes that she needs to mate with, then she needs to eat a blood meal in order to lay eggs.

It’s The Females Saliva That Makes Us Itch

When the female mosquito bites us, she injects a small amount of saliva that contains an anticoagulant that will keep our blood from clotting while she sucks our blood for her meal. This anticoagulant is what causes the allergic reaction that makes us itch in the places where we’ve been bitten. It is also this injection of saliva that poses the danger to us as that is how she transmits the many diseases that mosquitoes can carry.

Many People Are Affected By Mosquito Bites . . .

Although exact figures are hard to come by, it’s estimated that about 2 million people worldwide die from diseases they’ve contracted from mosquito bites. Many of those are in the tropical areas of the world like Africa, Asia, and South America. However, if the warming trends continue, more and more parts of the world will begin having problems with mosquito diseases each year.

The Best Way To Combat Mosquitoes Is By Eliminating Their Habitat

Part of the life cycle of a mosquito involves laying their eggs in water, preferably brackish backwater, that then hatch into small larvae that swim. So by draining puddles, ponds and birdbaths you can stop one part of the life cycle and reduce the number of adult bugs.

One problem with that is that many mosquitoes can also hatch in tiny amounts of water, as small as an overturned leaf, which the forest are full of. You can make it a point to rake the leaves in and around your yard to help cut down on the mosquitoes near you. Luckily the average mosquito is born, lives and dies all within a few hundred feet, but winds can take clouds of them as far as a few miles sometimes, so you still need to be cautious.

As far as mosquito diseases the biggest killer is Malaria, which has been killing people since the beginning of time. There are some very effective medicines to combat the disease, but there are some strains that are resistant. West Nile Virus is another mosquito disease and it is caused by a virus. There is no vaccine available yet so it is one to avoid if at all possible.

There is also Yellow Fever, which can turn the eyes and skin a yellow color, hence the name. It comes with a severe headache, fever, chills, sore muscles and sometimes vomiting. There is a vaccine for Yellow fever for travelers to Africa or South America.

If you have an over abundance of mosquitoes, it’s important to take action to stay safe. Drain any standing water that you can, and add mosquito killer bacteria to other bodies of water. Then wear repellant whenever you go outside, plus make sure all the screens in your home are well sealed and in good condition.

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