5 Pack Bybite Mosquito Repeller

Mosquito repeller 5 pack
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5 Pack Bybite Mosquito Repeller

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WHAT IS IT: 5 Pack portable ultrasonic mosquito repellent designed to emit low-frequency sonic waves you can barely hear when worn at waist level. It irritates the mosquitoes and drives them away. Approximate Size: 3″ x 0.8″ or (7.5 cm x 2 cm).

EFFECTIVE AGAINST MOSQUITOS: Use at home, for travel, at a picnic, whilst camping and even while relaxing in the garden on a summer evening.

IT’S SO PORTABLE: It can be activated at a moments notice as it’s about the size of a lady’s lipstick. It is clip on, and can be clipped on a belt, strap or even an elasticated waistband or a strap on clothing.

SAFE & CHEMICAL FREE: Purchases please be aware it does make a noise, just don’t have it close to your ears. You can have peace of mind knowing there are no chemicals in this unit. It just takes 1AA battery (not supplied)

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Product Description

Deter Mosquitoes With The 5 Pack Bybite Mosquito RepellerMosquito repeller 5 pack

This repeller uses low frequency audible sonic waves to repel mosquitoes and keep them away from you for up to 30 square metres.

It can can be used:-

  • At home– (Even by an open window)Mmosquito repeller
  • Use it on holiday
  • Use it outdoors
  • Whilst camping
  • Dining outside

. . . It comes with its own clip so you can clip it to clothing or a bag whenever mosquitoes or gnats are around. You can use it anywhere

How does it work?BybiteProtection-range

The idea is simple it will make an area around the device where mosquitoes will not pentrate due to the sound waves it emits. It can go up to as much as 3o square metres and most mosquitoes will steer clear.
It Uses low frequency audible sonic waves
This product has been tested thoroughly and will not interfere with other electronic devices like televisions and radio. It is very cheap to run as it only requires 1 aa battery and looks very elegant.

Ladies . . . and Gents Will Love it!

“Getting out of my car my head entered a cartoon-like ball of mosquitoes but I pulled out the ByBite and the cloud instantly disappeared – it really works!” – Lynne WIlliams

It is about the size of a ladies lipstick, so it can be easily carried around. It’s very powerful for a little divice.

With all the news going on out in the world about the Zika Virus it makes sense to have a way of protecting yourself. Click the link to find out more about the Zika Virus.

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