Multi Function Pest Repeller

Multi Function Pest Repeller
Multi function pest repellerMulti Function Pest RepellerMulti Function Pest RepellerMulti Function Pest RepellerMulti Function Pest Repeller

Multi Function Pest Repeller

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This Multi-Function Pest Repeller is designed to:

Irritate cockroaches, mice, spiders, ants and many more unwanted pests and make them stay away.

Join the growing number of people who are taking action and eradicating themselves of unwanted pests in the home, office, garage, attic, cellars, out houses and many other places.

It can cover up to 6000 square ft x 5 depending on where it is placed.

So enjoy a pest free experience.

47 in stock (also available on back-order)

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Product Description

Stop Insects, Rodents and Other Unwanted Household Pests

WHAT IS IT: Plug-in multi-function pest repeller that is 100% safe and environmentally friendly allowing anyone to completely eradicate pests from the home, office, warehouse, restaurant or any other place protection is needed. It’s 100% silent, harmless to humans and pets and its chemical free. No need to use chemical sprays with this repeller.

HOW IT WORKS: Plug the Electromagnetic waves + Anion + Ultrasonic pest repeller into any socket and it will silently emit powerful deep penetrating ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVES (LED 1) which will prevent pests from entering your home. The patented electromagnetic system causes in-wall wiring to send electronic pulse signals, which acts as a shield and effectively irritates annoying insects and pests disturbing their nests and causing spiders and bed bugs to leave.

USES ULTRASONIC TECHNOLOGY TOO: On top of making pests feel uncomfortable in and around your home or work, by using extremely high frequency ULTRASONIC WAVES (LED 3), this function will make being in your home uninvited absolutely unbearable! It uses a frequency above the level of human hearing, and does not affect dogs, and cats too, this device will expel pests and stop them from entering your space without harming your family’s ears!

IT’S ALSO AN AIR CLEANER: Anions have been known for their air cleaning effect for many years and this unit will use ANION TECHNOLOGY (LED 2) to affect that. Quite simply it will disinfect the air by creating a stream of beneficial anions thus creating a healthier environment for you, your family and friends. Don’t forget it also has an super soft night light that consisently illuminates.

Specifications: The multifunction pest repeller has 4 modes of operation for you to use depending on your environment.

  1. Red LED (LED 1) – Electromagnetic waves
  2. Yellow LED (LED 2) – Anion
  3. Green LED (LED 3) – Ultrasonic
  4. All 3 LED Indicators On – Electromagnetic waves + Anion + Ultrasonic waves


  1. Advanced MICOM control switch to control all 4 functions.
  2. Permanently on super soft day and night light.
  3. Creates electromagnetic waves which reach deeper even into walls, cracks and crevices throughout your home or office to repel even the most impossible to reach pests.
  4. Creates a stream of beneficial anions (negatively charged ions) to help disinfect and clean the air.
  5. Emits ultrasonic waves in all directions, so it covers the whole room.
  6. Have all the functions working simultaneously to get the best all round performance that the device has to offer.


  •  Please remove from the socket if nobody is going to be in the home for a long period of time.
  • Avoid using in a humid environment.
  • Please be aware that ultrasonic waves cannot penetrate furniture and  other goods for best results place in a socket with no surrounding  objects.
  • Not recommended for use if you have rodent-like pets – E.g. mice, hamsters, ferrets or gerbils etc.


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