ShooAway Fly Repeller

shooaway fly repeller
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ShooAway Fly Repeller

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WHAT IS IT: A fly repelling table fan that spins ina 2 pack. Simply place it on any surface and the flies will not come near it due to the patented holographic dots that confuse the flies because of its compound eye structure and they fly away.Some say the flies look like they’re drunk.

HAVING A BARBECUE OR PICNIC?: This was made popular in Australia where it’s now the standard item for the barbecue culture but it does have so many other applications too. It’s very portable as it take 2AA batteries (not supplied).

IDEAL FOR INDOOR AND OUTDOOR CATERING EVENTS: Stop flies and prevent yourself from having to shoo flies off food frantically by hand. If you or anybody you know has an event. The Shooaway gadget will stop any house flies from landing on your food so you can concentrate on having a good time.Some even take them on holiday.

SAFE & CHEMICAL FREE: You can have peace of mind knowing there are no chemicals involved in preventing flies from landing on your dinner or at a food event. Its non-toxic and can be used around children and pets without any problems whatsoever.

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Product Description

ShooAway Fly Repellent is designed to:

Confuse flies, keeping them off your food and make them stay away.

Join the growing number of people who are taking action and eradicating themselves of unwanted flies in the home, kitchen, restaurants, cafes, catering events, and even on holiday.

2 ShooAways are recommended for a 6-8 seat dining table.

Specifications: The ShooAway takes 2 x AA batteries (not supplied).

How to use: Just follow these 5 simple steps.

  1. Find a flat level surface like a table or kitchen worktop
  2. Simply place the ShooAway on the surface.
  3. Switch it on and the soft blades will start spinning
  4. Watch the flies become disorientated as they try to land on your food and just fly away./li>
  5. Enjoy you fly free time.


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