Solar Powered Mosquito Lamp & Zapper


Solar Powered Mosquito Lamp & Zapper

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WHAT IS IT: Solar powered mosquito lamp charges by day and shines at night. It stores up to 8 hours of charge and can be used as a night light and the UV function kills bugs with an electric charge.

EFFECTIVE AGAINST MOSQUITOES: Use all around the house, on the patio, at picnics, even at any outdoor event or activity and even whilst relaxing in the garden on a summer evening to attract and eradicate mosquitoes.

3 METHODS OF USE: It is lightweight and can be placed on any surface with the removable stand, hung on a hook using the metal handle or placed in the ground using the tough plastic spikes (included).
CHEMICAL FREE: You can have peace of mind knowing there are no chemicals in this unit, no electricty or wiring is really needed although it does have a DC socket that can be used to charge the onboard rechargeable batteries by a USB cable (included) or even a 3V DC adaptor (not supplied).

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Product Description

Stop Mosquitoes Coming Near You.

This solar powered mosquito lamp is designed act as a night light and a “mosquito zapper!”

Approximate Size:  15.5 x 12 x16cm

Join the hot trend in keeping mosquitoes away fast because if you stop mosquitoes it’s one less thing to worry about when enjoying the outdoor weather or waving frantically to keep them at bay.

How to use: Just follow these simple steps.

➊ Use the solar panels to store the charge or even plug in a charger.

➋ Position I activates the purple UV lights.

➌ Position O is Off.

➍ Position II is the LED white light

The LED light attracts mosquitoes and other insects which then zaps them instantly.

➎ It’s very effective in doing this job.
So enjoy a mosquito free experience.


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