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Using Solar Bug Zapping LightsSolar Bug Zapping Lights

We are all familiar with the electronic bug zappers that attract the pesky insects such as flies, mosquitoes, June bugs and the like. They had to be hooked up to an electric socket or a battery in order to work.

Zappers do work!

Now with the advent of easier solar configurations, it is possible to charge a small battery with the sun during the day, and have them work at night zapping away with a soft “pff” as opposed to the loud “ZZZZZZZT! that the other electric zappers sound like as the bugs are burnt to a crisp by the zapping feature of the light.

Without requiring to be near an electrical outlet, a bug zapper light powered by solar, can handle six UV bulbs that turn on automatically when dusk rolls around and then turn off at dawn. The flying bugs are then zapped with an electric charge amounting to 300 volts. This makes short work of the bugs and eliminates them from your yard space.

Insects are atrracted to it . . .

The insects are naturally attracted to the light and killed within a one half acre radius, which covers most back yards, making the entire operation chemical free. No longer is it necessary to have to find an electrical outlet, as the solar bug zapper can simply be located anywhere in the yard.

Most of the solar bug lights will have four to five solar panels and they will require sunlight that is only moderate, so on cloudy and partly cloudy days, you are still in the game as far as getting the two “C” batteries charged.

The solar bug destroyer will stay charged for up to eight hours which will take care of most of the bugs during the night, and then it will recharge itself during the hours of the next day.zap-mode-solar-scaled

Most of the lights of this type can be hung from the top of a pole or a porch, or it can be set upon a flat surface in order to do its work.

Of course solar bug zappers come in many sizes and shapes and are manufactured by several brands, but the principle is the same. Convenience is the order of the day, as the light can be placed anywhere without having to worry about needing to have an electrical receptacle.

The reviews that come in from people who have used a solar bug zapper are expectantly positive, with people marveling how well they work and how convenient they really are. The zappers only really need about 3 to 4 hours of sunlight, and they are ready to go, according to one user.

Easy Cleaning too. . .

The bug residue can be cleaned off the surface of the light with a can of compressed air, or with a cloth so that it is ready to go the next night.

Another great advantage of the solar bug zapper light is the fact that there is no need to have to fool around with an electrical cord when using the light. The convenience and the efficiency are the main features of the light and that is why they are selling off the shelves in a big way.

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