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Great Tips On How To Ward Off Flies And Prevent Them From Breeding

House flies can be a huge nuisance because of their persistence of constantly landing on you and your food. But they are also very dirty and carry lots of diseases that transfer from the nasty things they land on before landing on your food. Here are some tips on how to ward off flies, let’s take a look at several of the most effective.

Where There Are Flies, There Is Habitat

If you seem to have an over abundance of flies in your area, then most likely there is also some rubbish or a rotting animal that is a breeding ground for their larvae. It may be quite nearby and if you can locate it and eliminate it, you’ll see a reduction in flies quickly.flies

The first place to check is any place that has their garbage cans outside and uncovered. Restaurants are notorious for throwing out lots of food and leaving their garbage bins open. This allows the female flies in to eat and lay their eggs, then millions of larvae will hatch into what are commonly called maggots.

These maggots will look like small white worms and they’ll completely swarm any kind of food waste. It only takes a few days to turn the eggs of one female fly into hundreds of thousands of adult flies. All garbage should be put in sealed bags, and then into cans or bins that have lids that close tightly.

Any dead animal will also become a breeding ground for flies and should be eliminated or buried as soon as possible. The other thing to do is to clean up anything that attracts flies from other areas like dog manure, rotting fruit from trees, dead leaves and anything that can be a food source.

Fly Paper And Fly Catcher Traps Do Work Quite Well

Although they are ugly to look at, fly paper can be very effective. They are basically made from paper that’s been coated with a sticky glue and also an attractant for the flies. Once they land on it, they can’t escape so they die along with hundreds of their fellow companions. You can hang these around your patio and let them do their job, then just before you have guests over, collect them up and throw them away.

Flycatcher traps can also be very good at capturing and killing flies.

There are homemade plans for them on the internet and you can also buy them at some garden centres. They have an attractant inside of the bottle that the flies can’t resist, when the flies enter, they are stuck inside and can’t exit. They can capture hundreds of flies per day that would otherwise be bothering you and your guests.

A final tip on how to ward off flies when it’s impossible to locate the source, or the source is a neighbours horse manure fertiliser and it’s just going to be there no matter what. You can put a small amount of lavender oil in a spray bottle and spray your outside tables and chairs which will irritate the flies and send them elsewhere. This is a non-toxic way to repel them that works inside and out for at least the next few hours so you can enjoy yourself and not be bothered.

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